VS Code Extensions Must Have

When I was a student at Flatiron, I came in with no experience of coding, which means I’m starting from complete scratch. They told us to download VS(Visual Studio) Code, you can say that is equivalent to Microsoft word. I sat next to someone who had more experience than me and when I looked over his VS Code, it just looked so much cleaner and thats when he told me there is such thing as Extensions for VS Code. Not only do the extensions make VS Code look neater, it also makes your life easier. I have provided some extensions you should have.

1. Auto Close Tag

Stop reading this and just download it right now. As human we had the tendency to forget stuff. But as a computer, closing tags will never be an issue for you after you download this extension.

2. Bracket Pair Colorizer

You can either choose to line brackets by colors or with your eyes. In other words you can match with colors or spend time playing match card game by yourself. Using Bracket Pair you can decide which needs closing or openings more easily!

3. Prettier

With Prettier, think of it as when you open your closet everything is color coded. With prettier, it helps indent and separate which is a huge priority for coding. It does not help just you but other people who read your code. Theres no massive step to setting it up either, just hit save and you the effects will apply.

4. Browser Preview

If you are looking to be a front end developer, this is a must! Instead of opening another window from Chrome to see the changes you’ve made in your code, browser preview does it all for you. It shows you the browser preview of your code, which means no more alt+tab to your browser to see even small changes.

5. Live Share

In my opinion, Live share is one of the most advanced features in VSCode text editor. Perfect for working with team members or just asking for help. Live Share lets you share code snippets with other developers in real-time.This is perfect and helps team collaborations become much more efficient and productive. Collaborators don’t have to install any repositories, SDKs, or anything to connect with other developer’s current code. It is entirely remote and would definitely recommend this to everyone.