5 Most Useful Node.js Libraries everyone needs to use.

As I am still learning Nodejs, these libraries have made my left a lot easier. This is a list of best javascript backend libraries in the market that I would recommend to the next person who is learning Nodejs.

1. Express

Express is the most minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that helps provide the most robust set of features to develop web and mobile applications.

2. Body Parser

Body-Parser extracts the entire body portion of any incoming request stream and exposes it by req.body . Again, its not really necessary however it will make life a lot easier.

3. Axios

Axios is a JS library that is used to make HTTP request from node.js from the browser that supports ES6 Promise API. Basically it improves the .fetch method on the response in order to receive the actual data. Fetch requires a two-step process when we deal with JSON data. Though it might not be a big deal but as a developer we are always finding new ways to be “lazier.”

4. Faker

Faker provides fake data that might be needed such as address, zip code, city and much more

5. Nodemon

This library helps save time by not having to restart the server every time you make a change somewhere